History in the Making

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About the Podcast

History in the Making is a podcast about the ripple effects of history. How did Athenian democracy influence our founding fathers? What boiled over in the French that led to the Revolution and the rise of Napoleon? History in the Making aims to drop you into the past so that you can see the future foreshadowed hours, days, or millennia before it happens. This is social evolution and biography wrapped up in storytelling.

About the Author

I'm Rob Sims.

I am interested in mountain biking, famous explorers, a good beer, and the list goes on. But mainly, I am interested in why things are the way they are. This podcast is my chance to explore what shapes people, communities and nations. History in the Making is based out of Minneapolis, MN. 

Where to Listen

History in the Making is on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher