The Shrinking World

The Greek world is getting smaller. Athens and Sparta are the sole dominating powers in Greece and cities are forced to consider what sides they will choose. The grandeur of Athens continues to allure as their wealth and power are demonstrated at the 4 year Panathenaic Festival while Sparta grapples for peace. It’s time to choose what side to join. This episode covers approximately 440 BC - 432 BC.

Cheat Sheet:


Pericles: The effective leader of Athens. Elected to general for nearly a continuous decade he is the prominent and seemingly untouchable face of Athens. His enemies decide that a more indirect approach will be necessary to try and take him down.

Protagoras: One of the greatest in the Sophists movement of his time. He is a big believer in moral relativism and claims that "man is the measure of all things." He is in the inner circle of Pericles.

Anaxagoras: The Galileo of his day. He is fascinated with the heavens and the way they work. Though, in this fascination with the natural world, he dismisses the gods. Also in the inner circle of Pericles. 

Aspasia: The live in love of Pericles, people question what her influence on Pericles really extends too. She is the target of much ridicule yet little is know for sure about her.

Notable Cities

Samos: After attempting to lead a revolt against Athens, their potential allies leave them and Athens crushes them after a long siege. 

Corinth: Aside from Sparta, they are the most respected city of the Peloponnesian league. Their relationship with Athens begins to deteriorate as they suspect Athens may start to meddle with their affairs. 

Corcyra: Located on an island to the northwest of most of Greece, Corcyra is a powerful naval force that has made the mistake of maintaining very few alliances. 

Epidamnus: A city far to the north in modern day Albania, a small fight here catches the attention of the two cities that claim it as founder, Corinth and Corcyra. 


Panathenaic Festival: This festival was to Athens what the Olympics was to Greece. This was the chance for Athens to show its power while receiving tribute from its many allies and subjects.