Echoes of Glory

Nicias and Alcibiades have both gained political power but can’t push past the other. The gridlock is broken when representatives from a Sicilian town show up asking for help and offering to foot the bill for Athenian assistance. In a rapid escalation, the Athenians agree not only to help but to send an armada to Sicily to bring down Syracuse. One step at a time the Athenians throw everything they have into the Sicilian expedition. This episode covers approximately 416 B.C – 413 B.C.

Show Notes:



Encouraged by men like Alcibiades, Athens sets it aims across the Mediterranean Sea on Syracuse. Incrementally, they begin to pour everything they have into the mission in the hope of victory.


The foremost city on Sicily, the democracy is hesitant to believe Athens is truly coming to attack them. Once they realize that Athens is actually coming after them they quickly realize they will need help to survive.


Sparta is initially at peace with Athens but still has several enemies to worry about. As their enemies ask for help from Athens in fighting Sparta pressure begins to build between two of the premier cities in Greece.


The long-standing enemy of Sparta. They continue their war while Sparta is at peace with Athens.



After winning stardom with a well time peace deal Nicias is dragged into commanding the Sicilian Expedition as one of three generals.


Alcibiades stirs up interest in invading Sicily and then joins the mission as a general.