Recommended Podcasts

Here are several podcasts I enjoy, in no particular order. Some deal with Greece, others don't, all are excellent. 


Ancient Greece Declassified

The host, Lantern Jack, interviews some of the leading experts on many aspects of Greece. History, theatre, philosophy and poetry, all topics are covered in fascinating interviews. 


Shots of History

History told around the story of alcohol. Economics, war and tradition are all wrapped up in these tight 10 minute episodes. 

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The History of Ancient Greece Podcast

A thorough study of Greece from the beginning of the world and planned to continue through the age of Alexander. This show gives a great understanding not only of what happened but how it unfolded. 


Literature and History

Greece is known for its plays. This show not only tells you the incredible stories of these plays but is working its way through Anglophone literature from ancient history to the present. 


The Land of Desire

The history and culture of France. This show takes selected glimpses at France but brings you all of its charm.