History in the Making

We Live History

Two hot drawings for you to enter as we conclude the 1st season of the show! Both are simple. Read the instructions below for each drawing. You can enter both and the drawings end when the 1st season ends.


For each drawing a $25 dollar Visa card, a few 4” x 4” die cut stickers of the show art (they are quite nice!) and a note from me thanking you for your support will be mailed to your door! Listeners anywhere in the world can enter and shipping will be covered.

Refugee Fundraiser

History can be studied without fear. We can look at horrific events and rest secure in our inability to change the past. But, We Live History. What we are doing right now will one day be history and we can shape what happens today. Make a donation to a charity of your choice that can help the refugees. Instead of my own list here are several recommend charities (click here). However, as long as you are donating towards tangible goods or service aid (food, clothes, job training, language tutoring, etc.) please donate wherever you like.

To enter send the following information below via the form at the bottom of the page, Twitter, Facebook, email or the contact page of this site.

  1. What organization you donated to
  2. What mission you gave to (This might not apply depending on the charity.)
  3. How much you gave (Needed to estimate how much this effort raised and will be kept confidential.If you really don't want to share that's fine.)

Review Raffle

Reviews of the show on iTunes not only make my day but also really help the show! The more reviews we get the more visibility the iTunes gods will grant the show. To enter this drawing: leave a written review on iTunes for History in the Making and send me the username you used to review the show (I’ll need this just so I have a way to contact you if you win).

I realize iTunes isn’t very clear about how to leave a review. To leave a review 1) search for the show in iTunes or your Apple podcasts app 2) select the show and a reviews tab will be an option that comes up 3) makeup a username, give it a 5 star rating if you like it and leave a written review. Boom, done. It will usually take a few days to show up publicly.

Bonus group prize!

If we hit 50 reviews by the end of the 1st season then I’ll do a special bonus episode in the off season (over the summer). We will dive into a story we haven’t had time to get to or maybe give the awesome background of a character we’ve mentioned but haven’t talked about much. Feel free to make a suggestion if there is something you’d like to hear.

Thank you for taking the time to participate and support the show!