Are you tired of being in Athens’ alliance? No one cares. Athens develops various carrots and sticks to make friends and keep rebellions in check. The return of Cimon means Athens once again begins to dominate the sea as only Cimon knows how to do. Athens must figure out how to continue to swell in power while convincing Sparta that they aren’t a threat. This episode covers approximately 454 BC – 446 BC. 

Cheat Sheet:


Pericles: The effective leader of Athens. Elected to general several times by now we actually only shapes Athenian policy through convincing the masses and keen political skills.

Protagoras: One of the greatest in the Sophists movement of his time. He is a big believer in moral relativism and claims that "man is the measure of all things." He is in the inner circle of Pericles.

Anaxagoras: The Galileo of his day. He is fascinated with the heavens and the way they work. Though, in this fascination with the natural world, he dismisses the gods. Also in the inner circle of Pericles.  

Notable Cities

Megara: Located to the west of Athens, they are strategically located between Athens and the isthmus leading to Corinth and Sparta. 

Argos: The typical enemy of Sparta. Athens allies with them briefly as a sign of displeasure towards Sparta.