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Are you tired of being in Athens’ alliance? No one cares. Athens develops various carrots and sticks to make friends and keep rebellions in check. The return of Cimon means Athens once again begins to dominate the sea as only Cimon knows how to do. Athens must figure out how to continue to swell in power while convincing Sparta that they aren’t a threat. This episode covers approximately 454 BC – 446 BC. 

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This special, full-length episode frames the Battle of Plataea with voting practices of the ancient world. As it turns out, voting in Sparta was quite similar to going to a football match. Things get violent in the climax of the Persian Wars. This episode takes place in 478 BC.

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No Half Measures

We all have that friend who is over the top reckless, but they have nothing on Themistocles. Themistocles gambles it all in the culmination of his genius, the Battle of Salamis. He then makes sure nobody can forget about it. We touch on Greek religion and how an omen could shape major decisions. After all, how would you act if you knew the future? This episode covers approximately 480 BC – 478 BC.

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