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No Half Measures

We all have that friend who is over the top reckless, but they have nothing on Themistocles. Themistocles gambles it all in the culmination of his genius, the Battle of Salamis. He then makes sure nobody can forget about it. We touch on Greek religion and how an omen could shape major decisions. After all, how would you act if you knew the future? This episode covers approximately 480 BC – 478 BC.

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Shattered Timbers, Shattered Spears

The full force of Persia is directed against Greece. A fragile Greek alliance attempts to withstand the blow at the Battle of Thermopylae. Meanwhile, Themistocles maneuvers the resulting political fallout while making allies, old and new. We also examine the Spartan embrace of death and gain an appreciation for the floating demolition derby that was the Greek navy. This episode covers approximately 481 BC – 480 BC.

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