More than twenty years into the Peloponnesian War Athens has given nearly everything to the fight, but more is required. Sparta requests peace but Athens refuses and looks for more resources to continue the war. While Athens scrounges for money, Sparta and Persia renew their alliance with Sparta leading the fight while Persia funds the war. Meanwhile, the weight of carrying the Athenian military is beginning to crack their society. This episode covers approximately 407 B.C. – 405 B.C.

Show Notes


Ambitious and brave, even by the Spartan standard. Lysander is placed in command of the Spartan fleet and is able to charm his way into the Persian court to secure funding for the war.


Lysander’s replacement after a year in command, Callicratidas is young and inspiring. He is refused money from the Persians and so goes on a fundraising tour in Ionia and puts together a massive fleet of 170 ships.


The prince of Persia himself. He raises the pay of the Spartans and finds a potential partner in Lysander for his future ambitions.


At the very peak of his power and influence in Athens, it is finally time to show Athens what he can do. But even with this influence he is only one mistake away from falling, again, out of favor with Athens.


Elected to be general after Alcibiades flees, Conon takes his fleet and heads east to confront Callicratidas. However, he isn’t prepared to face the massive fleet when it shows up and is forced to flee. He is blockaded by the Spartan fleet and sends news back to Athens. Because Conon was blockaded away from the battle during Arginusae, he is spared from the resulting trial in Athens.


Operating a bit behind the scenes in this episode, he commands a trireme during the battle of Arginusae. Since he is one of the men placed in charge of rescuing the survivors of the battle he comes under scrutiny when returning to Athens. Xenophon, one of our primary sources for this episode repeatedly pins the attack of the other generals on him.


The premier naval strategist in Athens at this time, he is closely associated with Alcibiades and falls out of favor when Alcibiades flees Athens.


The hoplite that became a general. Thrasyllus is in command during the battle of Arginusae and its his strategy that largely results in the victory. Although Thrasyllus is not always elected as a general he becomes an instant leader when Alcibiades and everyone associated with him falls from favor.


The son of his father, also Pericles. The son has also taken on the mantle of the Olympian and is ready to take his place leading the forces of Athens.