A Splendid Rope


The Peloponnesian War comes to a sudden and unexpected end. The defeated will face the fate the victor thinks it deserves.  We witness both timid and brutal approaches to war and are forced to ask: Is there a difference between acting cruelly out of desperation versus cruelty as a matter of course? This episode covers approximately 405 B.C. – 404 B.C.

Show Notes



Lysander is brought back to lead the Spartan fleet by popular demand. To get around the law of only allowing a single appointment to this position he is technically the advisory or secretary to the fleet, but everybody knows that isn’t really true. 


The prince of Persia himself. Although he leaves early on in this episode he is still promising huge funds and all possible aid to Lysander. However, what seems like audacious teenage bravado may actually be strategic long-term planning.


In self-imposed exile at the onset of this episode, Alcibiades makes a quick appearance before forced to leave again. He will watch the end of the war from a private estate while ruling the area as a local warlord.


The only general from the Battle of Arginusae to still serve Athens. Even though Conon has only participated in a handful of smaller fights he is still one of the most experienced generals currently serving Athens.


Although he shows up briefly to negotiate a peace between Sparta and Athens he is largely in the background this episode. However, this episodes Cutting Room Floor post on Patreon has quite a bit of info on what he is up to. Check it out by supporting the show on Patreon.


One of the two kings of Sparta, Agis has been camped near Athens for virtually the entire end of the war. He will occasionally be involved in minor actions but the deciding factors in the later Peloponnesian War take place on sea and away from the king.  


Battle of Aegospotami

The deciding battle of the war that takes place at the end of the episode.