Athens leaves us their legacy in the Season 1 finale.

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Show Notes



Our noble fugitive. Conon is taking refuge in Cyprus and trying to rally Persian support to attack the Spartan Empire. But, strangely enough, the Spartans turn out to be his greatest advocate. 


Aside from Pericles, Theramenes is perhaps the most capable politician Athens ever had. Pericles had the luxury of peace for a good portion of his life. Theramenes is living through one of the most violent times Athens has ever known. He is the resolute spear point in resistance to the 30 in Athens but he may have finally met his match.


The man standing at the front of the democratic resistance to the 30. If Theramenes is the most capable politician alive right now then Thrasybulus is easily the most capable general. Its a good thing he is on the side of the people.


The Persian satrap that is loyal to the Great King and can't stand the sight of Cyrus.


The prince of Persia himself. Although he doesn't make a direct appearance in this episode he is, rather accidentally, a primary driving force for the events at the end of the episode as his revolt changes everything for Conon.


Although largely offstage this episode, the man that was thought to be a never ending source of charisma at last meets his fate.


Easily one of the most capable men Sparta ever produced, and he thinks so too. Lysander is largely offstage for this episode but is busy expanding the new Spartan Empire behind the scenes.


Battle of Cnidus

Conon leads a Persian backed and Athenian supported fleet straight at the heart of the Spartan Empire. 

Battle of Cunaxa 

Cyrus meets his fate and changes the fate of both Conon and all of Athens.

Robert Sims