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Persia Stirs

An emboldened Athens sails across the Aegean to support revolts against Persia. In doing so they eventually gain the undivided attention of the world’s superpower. The international troubles drive a cunning and battle-hardened leader back to Athens, Miltiades. We see the divisions that are inherent to democracy and the brutal tactics of Cleomenes, one of the kings of Sparta. This episode covers approximately 500 BC – 490 BC.

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International politics suck a willing Athens into tangling with Persia while Sparta considers converting the Athenian government by force. With all this at stake, the political juggernauts of Athens come to the front as Themistocles and Aristides face off in the Assembly. The stage is now set through internal and external strife for Athens to burst, or trip, onto the world stage. Rivalries begin to intensify both within Athens and internationally. This episode covers approximately 508 BC – 499 BC.

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Demes and Demagogues

Democracy emerges in clear view from the shadows of history but not everybody welcomes it. The various political sides of Athens try to find a governing balance while threats of civil war force reform though rumors, coups, and occasional theatrics worthy of Greek play. This episode covers approximately 594 BC – 500 BC. A lot can happen in 94 years.

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