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They Created A Desert

Bolstered by a recent victory, Athens follows Cleon further into war in hopes of achieving absolute victory. There are many areas where victory is needed. Once back on the streets of the city we meet Socrates who is busy asking everybody he can irritating questions. Questioning your assumptions may be the basis to a true understanding of yourself and society, although it can be very frightening. This episode covers approximately 425 B.C. – 422 B.C.

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Helen of Athens

A lone woman comes to Athens. In a span of six years she somehow becomes a household name. Meanwhile, Athens tries to find some more permanent peace solution with Sparta as they face rebellions across their territory. The first existential threat that Athens has had to face in decades is beginning to show its face. This episode covers approximately 450 BC – 440 BC.

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Linchpins and Puppeteers

Democracy reaches its peak in Athens as the city reaches east to Egypt and war at last breaks out with Sparta. The power of Athens’ version of the Supreme Court is partially dissolved and returned to the people in the lower courts. Since we don’t have a lot of information on this court, we look to our own Supreme Court for help. This episode covers approximately 464 BC – 449 BC.

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